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My Top Software Companies

If I had to pick, I would rate Facebook and Netflix as the top tech companies I want to work for someday.


Why Facebook? It's not simply because of its popularity and success but of another reason. For engineers, Its hard to not notice the many cool stuff coming out of Facebook these days. Since open source has become the norm in the age of the internet, Facebook has been one of the top contributors in the past 4 years. Instead of keeping it to themselves and being light years ahead of the competition, Facebook Open Source has given engineers really cool stuff to play with. Most noted are:

  • Reactjs - A modern JavaScript framework used to build client side applications.
  • React-Native - the sister to Reactjs, used to build iOS (and soon Android) native apps using JavaScript.
  • and recently, Relay - and ambitious project to replace RESTful APIs with Graph technology called GraphQL.

If you are a JavaScript engineer like myself, you should be freaking out right now.


And why Netflix? If I could go back in time and tell my 12-year old self that in the future he would be working in a movie tech company, he would absolutely freak out. Who doesn't love movies right! But Netflix behind the scenes is driven by interesting tech. They recently replaced their old Java-based site with a JavaScript stack running Node.js and React. +1

I don't even get Netflix in my country, so an endorsement coming from someone like me must weigh a lot :)


PayPal is another major online company embracing the fast paced world of JavaScript. They fully use Node.js on the backend to power their payment API used by thousands of websites everyday.


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