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The State of Tech Blogging in Botswana and Africa

An influx of online readers in Africa each year are coming into the fold and Google has a neat tool to visualize this data. As a fan of blogging and a reader who prefers the gaming/tech/science sections, I've been keeping an eye on how many science publications occur in Botswana compared to other nations.

Last year

Vs this year

An interesting comparison on how RSA and Nigeria have shown a remarkable increase in the number of Science and Technology publications from a year ago (more than 2-fold). This comes ahead of Botswana hosting the 2016 edition of Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA). Its no coincidence that the two countries with the highest publications are also the two largest developing countries in Africa. This could be the smoking gun which should alarm other African leaders to focus more in science and technology or risk being left behind in the tech revolution.


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